My Journey to Motherhood

Waiting for the so-called "ideal" moment for motherhood does not always happen as planned. Often, the right job, or a financially stable time must be achieved before thinking about becoming a mother. For me, it any wasn’t different ...

 After finishing my pharmacy degree, I got married to an expat living in Sao Paulo. As a young couple, we planned to have children after a couple of years. All of the sudden, in our second year of marriage, a very difficult health issue required us to move to Chicago, where my husband was born and raised, prior to moving to Brazil. With the move and helping my mother-in-law recover from a stroke, the plans to have a baby were put on hold.

It took us about 1 year to get re-established and to start thinking about children again. That was when we realized that getting pregnant sometimes is not as simple as it seems.

After many failed natural attempts, we were introduced to infertility treatments.

When we think about this type of treatment, we often think of invasive and unpleasant procedures. Yes, some procedures really are and depending on what the doctor will propose for the case, you will still get weekly blood tests! Which is definitely unpleasant. But, what you may not know is that fertility clinics can also help you to find out if your problem is just a simple deficiency in vitamins, which could be affecting sperm count, or even the fact that things are not happening at the ideal time of the woman's reproductive cycle. So, it's worth to consult a specialist for more information.

Here are some links to places and articles on this subject:

Fertility Center of Illinois - Dr. Kaplan, my doctor and one of the best doctors I've ever consulted with living outside my country. Straight forward and objective. He made my husband and I very comfortable with the whole situation and helped us to understand everything without rushing our conversations. For those who live in Illinois or are willing to travel, this is clinic is a great option:

New York Fertility Institute: its website has detailed explanation about each type of treatment:


National Infertility Awareness week - stories of couples who had gone through infertility treatments and outcomes:


After many frustrated attempts, finally we got our first positive test in March of 2016!


Our son Lucas was born in December, 2016 with 8lbs 11oz.

When Lucas was 8 months old, without any planning, nor treatment, I found out that I was pregnant again! Yes! I became mother of the famous 2 under 2!


Our Ana Luíza was a c-section baby, born in April, 2018 at 6lbs 11oz.

In less than 2 years I've experienced many different things related to maternity, from infertility treatment to stretch mark creams, from baby shower planning to double strollers, from breast milk & baby formulas to super pick eater’s recipes.

In addition, living away from family and friends, we travel a lot! So, All For Mommies also brings you tips on how to maintain travel plans, adding babies and all their stuff into the mix without going crazy.

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