Mommy's Care - 1st pregnancy

The first pregnancy introduces us to sensations and different feelings which are usually difficult to describe. How to know for sure if we are feeling the first baby’s movements in the womb? Could those bubble popping feelings be my little one growing? Along with these feelings, many times there are also a few discomforts, such as nausea, insomnia, back pain, constipation etc.

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So, what to expect?

1st Trimester: 

Some of discomforts are predominantly in the first three, such as nausea, extreme tiredness, and even cold or flu-like symptoms caused by pregnancy. Nausea usually improves after the 1st trimester, when the placenta is sufficiently formed and takes over the production of progesterone, a hormone that will help maintain gestation.


During my first pregnancy, I had very little morning sickness. In fact, I do not remember having nausea or vomiting, only strong heartburn, where the only solution for me was orange juice and lots of it! I drank almost 1/4 gallon per day especially in the morning, until the 2nd trimester.

You might feel really hungry or not hungry at all. In my first pregnancy I had a taste for salad  and fruit only in the first few weeks...then, hamburgers and strawberry milkshakes, In my 2nd pregnancy I got so sick that I didn't have a taste for anything! I even lost a couple of pounds during those weeks. But, I did start to gain the right amount of weight in the 2nd trimester. Therefore, eat what you can and don't worry if you don't feel hungry at all some days. Your appetite will be back once you feel a little less nauseated.

2nd Trimester 

When we get to the 2nd trimester, we finally feel a little better and are ready to organize the baby's room. But, that is also the time when other type of discomforts may appear, such as fluid retention, cramps, and stronger heartburn. If nausea is no longer present, this could be a good time to do some exercise. A short walk can help a lot with fluid retention and give you a little more energy throughout the day. Always ask your doctor, prior starting any type of exercise.

Most women start feeling the first kicks around this time. In my first pregnancy I felt my baby moving at week 17 and in the second I didn't feel any movement until week 22! I was super concerned. I found out the reason why it took a few weeks longer than my first baby was the baby's position in the womb.  Check with your doctor if that could be your case.

If you haven't started organizing your baby's nursery, this is the time to do it. You will have more energy and your baby is still small enough that you can move around the house without feeling super tired. If you plan to paint the room, make sure the paint you will use is safe for pregnant women. 


Baby Shower Time!

Don't forget to get your baby registry and baby shower planned during this trimester. I used Amazon and BuyBuyBaby for my registry. I wanted to give my family and friends different options, so they could use whichever was more convenient for them.

Where to registry your baby shower:

Amazon & BuyBuyBaby are great for online purchase. I used Amazon for general baby stuff, bottles, bowls, nursery essentials, etc. You also get a welcome box with baby items when you registry your shower list.

BuyBuyBaby was my choice for clothing and nursery bedding items. The only problem of BuyBuyBaby is that you can’t find many locations depending where you live. But, their website is great for online purchases too.

Trust me, it may sound a little bit early to think about your registry, but there are so many items to choose from that it takes a lot of time.Specially if you are still working and don’t have a lot of time dedicated to this task.

3rd Trimester

Besides discomforts, first time pregnant women usually deal with pregnancy concerns and fears. Fears that are typically related to the baby’s development or to the delivery option. If you are in your 2nd or 3rd pregnancy you are probably familiar with what to expect.  You most likely have less concerns if your prenatal appointments are going as they should and doctors say baby is healthy.

In the 3rd trimester, your body is very different and bigger too! And with these changes. back pain, insomnia and constipation can also be something to deal with.

Something that really helped me during my first pregnancy was prenatal massages. I had very bad lower back pain. If you consider going for massage, make sure you go to a place that offers specialists in this area. Do not go to any massage place! See below: There are are a couple of links that explain more about this type of service and many other options to help you before and during your pregnancy. I have tried both and really trust their service. Also, the second option is owned by a great friend of mine, who is passionate about what she does and very professional.

Even if you do not live in either of these cities, these websites are loaded with information that can help you in your search for a similar place in your city/country.

Insomnia and constipation were my worst pregnancy discomforts. Make sure to eat enough fiber and drink a lot of water/liquids to help you in case of constipation. Prune juice also helps for sure!  It doesn't have a great taste, but it works. For insomnia, honestly I have no tips to deal with that....still trying even after almost one year from my second baby's birth, lol! I guess, tv, internet and other distractions won't help you. But, some chamomile tea might!

Be aware of body signals from the very beginning of pregnancy and talk to your physician if anything seems out of the ordinary.