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When I found out that I was pregnant I when to a bookstore to buy a diary. I wanted to write everything, month by month of my pregnancy, so I would remember and tell my baby how it was. Instead of buying just a dairy, I ended up buying a few other books too. Some of them because of friends who suggested, others because I thought that my husband could get some help, understanding what was coming and how our lives would change from the moment our pregnancy test showed positive.

In this post you will find a few suggestions of books that are not those standard (and sometimes boring) books. I try to find books that were fun, useful not just during pregnancy, but also after and not boring!

These books are great options too if you know someone who is expecting or who is already a parent and needs some tips to make changes on how to work with parenthood daily challenges.

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Dude, You're Gonna Be a Dad!: How to Get (Both of You) Through the Next 9 Months

I was browsing for book to give to my husband when I saw this one! I thought the title was funny and it would catch my husband’s attention right away. It explains all the basics in a summarized way, perfect for future dads!

Dadspirations the 1st 100 Days of Fatherhood. Tips for Parenting Every New Dad and Dad-To-Be Should Know

My husband got this one as a gift from a friend and really enjoyed it! He liked it so much that decided to pass it to another friend, who was expecting one year later.

5 Days to a Perfect Night's Sleep for Your Child: The Secrets to Making Bedtime a Dream 

I liked this book because it gives you hints on how to make the baby sleep through the night. It teaches you how to go check on your little one when they start crying after only a few minutes of sleep. I used some of the hints from this book and my own mother institution to decide when and how I would make my children sleep through the night. Around 10 months old they were both sleeping pretty much from 8pm-6am every night!

French Children Don’t Throw (B)

Very well-known book of this American author who had a baby while living in Paris. She was amazed by how the children there behaved and decided to tell us her story. I found it the perfect book for parents like me, who have two or more children very close in age.

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