Flying with your Baby...or Babies!


Any type of trip with kids, especially babies, requires a lot of planning. Going overseas or just a couple of hours away from home can turn into a nightmare. Many couples, who enjoy traveling, stop after having their first baby. However, traveling with your little ones can be very fun and totally doable.

My experience started traveling with our 3-month-old, at that time. Then, our daughter was born when her brother was only 1 year and 4 months old. For us, what used to be "travel with one baby" became "travel with two under two". Five round trip flights (NYC-Sao Paulo-twice, NYC-Dublin, NYC-Chicago, NYC-New Orleans, and three one-way flights inside Europe).

Explore the world with children is amazing and totally worth the challenge. Organization is the key for a good experience. Booking flights, and even your seats ahead of time (when it’s possible), can bring you some advantages. An aisle seat gives you freedom to get up as many times as you need or want, without bordering a stranger next to you.

Remember that if you and your partner are traveling with two lap infants, most likely you won’t sit together. That is because of the number of oxygen masks available per row. Two aisle seats across from each other work just fine.

If you are traveling with two children, a good compact double-stroller can make your life easier when searching for your gate. Children can get tired and inpatient inside of an airport. Make sure to have also a carry-on or good size personal item with snacks, baby essentials and entertainment tools. Enjoy your trip!

Editor’s Note: This post was originally posted in February 2019 and it has been completely revamped and updated for the new site proposal and layout.

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