Almost There! The Third Trimester


In the third trimester, your body is very different and bigger too! And with these changes. back pain, insomnia and constipation may be a part of you day now and after the baby is born.

Depending on your appointments and doctor’s updates about your pregnancy, exercise can still be fine and safe. Perhaps morning stretch and a shorter walk, now that labor is getting closer. Kegels are very important too! They help to tone your pelvic floor, which if done correctly and daily can be a body safer in the future.

A good night of sleep seems to be now something far away from your new reality. Towards the end of this semester you may be suffering with insomnia. Probably because of back pain, crazy dreams, or just because it’s hard to find a comfortable position to sleep. Chamomile tea and a good pregnancy pillow can become your best friends. I also found very helpful and more comfortable to sleep in a seating position. My rocking chair was my best friend until my son was born. It was very comfortable and the ottoman helped to support my legs.

Insomnia was bad, but constipation wasn’t very fun either. Make sure to eat enough fiber and drink a lot of water/liquids to help you in case of constipation. Prune juice also helps for sure! It doesn't have a great taste, but it worked for me very well.

Relax and enjoy the last few days with a big baby belly. Sooner than later your little one will be here! Enjoy!

Editor’s Note: This post was originally posted in February 2019 and it has been completely revamped and updated for the new site proposal and layout.

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