Exercises During Pregnancy


When thinking about working out during pregnancy a lot of women’s thought is to avoid gaining too much weight. What a lot of them don’t think right away is that pregnancy workout isn’t just about weight, but it’s also about strength. A strong body will be your allied during and after labor.

Talking to your physician prior starting working out is important to have a healthy pregnancy

Doctors usually recommended Kegels exercise to strength your pelvic floor. Your pelvic floor muscles will be thankful if you practice these exercises regularly. They are great not just for pregnant women. And the good thing about these exercises is that you can practice from anywhere, at home laying on a mat in the living room or at work, seating in front of a computer.

Yoga is also great! It can help to relax, stretch and even with back pain. Wear comfortable clothes will help you to follow the sequences and get the most out of a yoga class. Keep hydrated is very important too. There are places specialized in prenatal yoga and other places can help you to modify the exercises during the class, if needed.

During my first pregnancy I had very bad lower back pain. Prenatal massage session was my weekly go-to. If you consider going for massage, make sure you go to a place that offers specialists in prenatal services. Do not go to any massage place! Check the links below for more information and options to help you:

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