Nursery Essentials for First Moms


Newborns don't need as much as we may think they need. First moms can feel overwhelmed with so many options of baby stuff, must-have lists and a lot of other items suggested by family and friends.

If you are looking for a nice, functional and minimalist nursery, here is the list of items that cannot be missing They will provide everything you need for your first few months with you little one.

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A Good Quality Crib

My babies’ crib was a Child Craft Soho Crib. I love the contrast between the white color and the wood legs. Very durable and modern style, this was our choice and I definitely recommend it. It was also very easy to assemble! I put it together by myself when I was 5 months pregnant! My husband was travelling and I couldn’t control myself and wait until he was back.

A dresser with changing table

A nice dresser with changing table is the way to go! I kept all diapers, wipes, creams, etc on the first drawer and the second drawer had clothes and other items for an easy and quick change, when needed.

A Rocking Chair

If you read my post about my third trimester of pregnancy you will see that I have talked about this chair before. It was my “bed” at the end of my two pregnancies. I was just feeling to uncomfortable (and big!) to sleep in my real bed. It is great to relax when feeding your baby, rocking he/she to sleep or just to seat on it and read a book while they sleep.

A Cozy Rug

We have wood floors and home and I hate carpet. I decided to buy a cozy rug for their bedroom. It turned out to be my son’s favorite spot to play when he was about one year old. He loved to seat on that rug and spend time with his wood blocks and books.

A Diaper Pail

Since we are talking about changing diapers, a diaper pail is more than essential! The odor of some baby’s diapers….It is totally worth it to spend a little extra money and have one of these in your nursery.

A Bookshelf and Toys Storage

We have many books from two baby showers and birthday parties. We decided to buy a simple bookshelf to keep them and to serve as a place to store some small toys. I love 3-sprouts products! They look great with any decor style and have a very fair price.


Don’t forget to add cute pictures, a bedtime lamp, a white noise machine and small decor pieces in your baby’s nursery. There are also great wall decals, easy to pill-off when your want to change the decor. My son had a gender neutral nursery with baby animals theme. When my daughter was born, we change the nursery and added some more gender specific wall decals, so they would share the space.

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