First Pregnancy & First Trimester Challenges


Pregnancy introduces us to sensations and different feelings which are usually difficult to describe, especially in your first time. How to know for sure if we are feeling the first baby’s movements in the womb? Could those bubble popping feelings be my little one growing? Along with these feelings, many times there are also a few discomforts.

Some of discomforts are predominantly in the first three, such as nausea, extreme tiredness, and even cold or flu-like symptoms caused by pregnancy. Nausea usually improves after the 1st trimester, when the placenta is sufficiently formed and takes over the production of progesterone, a hormone that will help maintain gestation.

During my first pregnancy, I had very little morning sickness. In fact, I do not remember having nausea or vomiting, only strong heartburn, where the only solution for me was orange juice and lots of it! I drank almost 1/4 gallon per day especially in the morning, until the 2nd trimester.

You might feel really hungry or not hungry at all. In my first pregnancy I had a taste for salad and fruit only in the first few weeks...then, hamburgers and strawberry milkshakes. In my 2nd pregnancy I got so sick that I didn't have a taste for anything! I even lost a couple of pounds during the first months. I started to gain the right amount of weight in the 2nd trimester. Small amounts of food or healthy snacks can be a good option to feel more energized during day routine.

Some moms get don't feel hungry at all some days, but get their appetite back once the 1st trimester is over and nausea most likely is gone. Lots of water and some exercise may help, as well. Make sure to talk to you doctor prior initiating any type of physical activity.

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